Brunswick Nippers

Learn vital surf safety and survival skills while having fun on the beach...

Become a Nipper

Every Sunday between October and March, our Nipper members flock to Brunswick beach to enjoy the surf and learn vital surf safety and survival skills. Brunswick Nippers learn valuable surf safety skills, teamwork and have a great deal of fun. Nipper events include wade events, board paddling, swimming, beach sprinting and beach flags as well as lots of fun activities and games designed to teach and improve surf skills. All Brunswick Nippers also participate in a progressive Surf Education program designed by Surf Life Saving Australia. Registration days are held in September.

Nippers starts at 9:30 am each Sunday and finishes about 11.30 depending on weather, conditions, helpers etc.

Children are registered in the age group according to the age of the child on the 1st October ie if your child is 10 on the 1st October the child is in the Under 11's.

Children 5 to 13 years old are allowed to be registered as a Nipper. Under 6's and 7's children attend on an educational basis and are given a non-competitive (game based) introduction to beach and Nipper activities. Children in the Under 8 age group are given beach activities and wade races and on special occasions may be allowed into the water to swim. Children in the Under 9's to Under 14's compete in beach and water events and are taught water safety and surf life saving skills.

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Signing up to Nippers (and renewals) can now be done online via the SLS portal.

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